Tuesday, 20 August 2013

and attended by most of Mumbai’s leading ENT specialists, at Nehru Science Auditorium -
15th Aug. ’13.

Dear Deepak,

I have
no words to express my gratitude to you as you have performed so well though you were not well.
I deeply appreciate your commitment.

Thank you once again for everything and my
special appreciation for Neha and Mohan who did exceptionally good job.

With warm regards,


Kishore Masurkar
( Managing Director )

Dear Mr. Rao,
My friend and I enjoyed the show at Nehru Auditorium very much. It was superb. I had been waiting for your public show for a long time.
Thank You,
Nafisa Miyajiwala

Respected Neha,

I saw yesterday Shri. Deepak Saheb’s show. I am highly impressed. 
My family too liked it very much.

If Deepak Shaheb takes the classes, I will be eager to join.
Please let me know whenever he has future programs.

Pradip Dixit

Dear Deepak,
Your ESP show was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Mahesh R

Neha Madam,

Your program was excellent.

This ability of Mr. Deepak Rao I suppose could be inborn, but if one has to learn it from the beginning and then master it, it is not easy.

Experiments on concentrating and focusing of mind have to be done with extreme care. One should know where to give break.

Anand A.

Hi Deepak,

Thank you for a wonderful evening yesterday.  It has left indelible impressions on the minds of my friends who I got along with me.

In fact, Vidya Sinha and Subodh Poddar have asked me to congratulate your entire team on a very impressive performance.

All the best for future events. Please keep me informed.


Satya Dave

Dear Deepak Sir,
Your show was excellent. I would like to receive the 3 video slides of dynamic experiments along with the actual video clips on intuition. Can you please arrange to send the video experiments ?Thanks and regards

Ajay P.

Dear Neha ji,

The ESP Show at Nehru Centre on 15th Aug. was very excellent.
I want to learn some techniques
can sir teach me ?

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Anil K.

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